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Our company name means exactly what it says…fulfilling

“YOUR” entertainment needs with NO "drama!”

DaVonda Simmons Promo HS NN.jpg

No Drama Entertainment is the brainchild of CEO/founder, Ms. DaVonda Simmons.

After earning a B.A. in music from Florida International University, Miami, FL, she began dazzling audiences WORLD-WIDE as a vocal artiste. Among her many accomplishments are a headliner on cruise ships, a featured performer at various theme parks, and a winner on the legendary television show “Showtime at the Apollo” in New York City.

In early 1999, she envisioned a company that could creatively transform the entertainment desires of clients into breathtaking productions. Later that same year, she successfully embarked on the journey to take her vision to fruition. With her continued leadership, the company has entertained thousands from coast to coast with an extensive menu to fit every occasion.


As they say…the rest is history!

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